Penis EnlargementWhen it comes to Penis enhancement then you will find lots of different pills, stretchers, pumps, exercises etc. This make really difficult for a person to select best product for penis enlargement.

However, I would like to congratulate you because you have made right decision to research for Bathmate Hydro Pump.

It is possible you are impressed with the Bathmate Hydro Pump reviews that are available on different health forums and discussion board.

I still remember when I was first looking for Bathmate Hydro Pump review I was bombarded with incomplete reviews and clueless people that make difficult for me to select best model of Bathmate. The problem is most people write their review without testing the product.

But, you have reach to the right place because in this website I am going to reveal each and everything about Bathmate Hydro Pump and make it easy for you to select best model of Bathmate. Additionally, you are going to find out my results with this water-based penile pump.

What is Bathmate Hydro Pump?

Bathmate is being known as the best and original water-based water pump. In fact, Bathmate became the first hydro pump when Bathmate Hercules was released in 2006. Since then Bathmate company is focused on creating longer and stronger Bathmate pump.

Later the new and bigger version was released with the name of Goliath, Hydromax series and Hydromax Xtreme. There are three types of Bathmate Hydromax are available now that are X20, X30 and X40. These X20, X30 and X40 are designed for immediate and advanced users of Bathmate.

Recently company has released Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme which is most powerful and suitable for advanced users.

But, if you are beginner in penis enlargement then I would recommend you to go with Bathmate Hercules as there are few complaints of Bathmate Hydromax series.

Additionally, Bathmate is the only male enhancement product available in that market that can provide instant results. YES!! Bathmate can increase girth and length of penis after using it for just 20 minutes. But the downside is, this is temporary and after few hours penis will get back to its normal size. However, continue and long term use of Bathmate can make penis bigger permanently.

Now take a deep look on different models of Bathmate.

Different Models of Bathmate (Sorted with Size):

Bathmate Hydro Pump

Model #1 – Bathmate Hydromax X20: (Size: Small)

This is the latest addition into Hydromax series. X20 model contains features such as latch valve for easy filling, new bellows design for 30% more power than previous models and removable comfort strap and padding.

Model #2 – Bathmate Hercules: (Size: Medium)

Bathmate Hercules is the first and classical version of Bathmate series that is still providing results. Till now, there are over 200,000 people who successfully gained permanent results with Hercules model. The design of Bathmate Hercules is very simple and it is comfortable to use it in shower or bath.

Model #3 – Bathmate Hydromax X30: (Size: Medium)

This model contains same features as X20 model but this is relatively bigger. This pump is ideal for men who want erect length of 7.5 inches and 1.75 inches in girth.

Model #4 – Bathmate Hydromax X30 Xtreme: (Size: Medium)

The size of X30 Xtreme is same to the X30 but this Xtreme model is for those people who want everything for penis enlargement. This X30 Xtreme model contains hand ball pump and other accessories for penis enlargement.

Model #5 – Bathmate Hydromax X40: (Size: Large)

This is created especially for adult industry professionals who want over 2 inches girth and erect length of over 7.5 inches. This is 15% larger than X30 model and contain same features and accessories of X30 model.

Model #6 – Bathmate Hydromax X40 Xtreme: (Size: Large)

The size of X40 Xtreme is same as X40 but there are many accessories that come along with X40 Xtreme like hand ball pump, measuring gauge, towel, support strap, cleaning bush, shower strap and much more. Keep in mind this is for men with above average penis size.

Model #7 – Bathmate Goliath: (Size: X-Large)

Released in 2008, Bathmate Goliath is the largest known penis enlargement pump available in the market. Bathmate Goliath is created for those men who want to take their penis size to the next level. It is suitable for men with 9 inches penis. It is 30% larger than Hercules model.

Here’s is the table that contains specifications of all these penis pumps:

NameLengthGirthDiameterWater CapacityWeight
Hydromax X207.75 inches5.66 inches1.90252 grams
Hercules9.75 inches7.06 inches2.2522 oz252 grams
X30 & X30 Extreme9.75 inches7.06 inches2.2523 oz292 grams
X40 & X40 Extreme11.5 inches7.69 inches2.4525 oz436 grams
Goliath12 inches8.63 inches2.7545 oz499 grams

Strong Points:

Permanent Growth – Although Bathmate provides instant temporary results but long use of Bathmate can make penis bigger permanently

Safe pressure Level – Bathmate is really easy and comfortable to use because it creates pressure level that is safe and healthy as well

Create Hard Erections – Bathmate pump not only improve penis length but also improve penis health as well which results in harder erections

Cure Premature Ejaculation – Well there is no science that provide how Hydropump cure premature ejaculation but some people reported they start lasting longer in bed

Weak Points:

Required Water – It is important to use Bathmate with water or other liquid. Using it without any liquid will leads to pain and slow results

Needs to Pump Frequently – To create proper suction power, one has to keep pumping frequently

Are There Any Bathmate Side Effects?

When it comes to penis pumps many men are concerned about side effects. In market there are many penis enlargement pumps that do more harm than good.

In my personal research I don’t find anyone who suffered from any serious side effect after using Bathmate. Although there are some complaints about red spots on penis head and shaft but these red spots are not serious and they go away in a day or two. To enjoy full advantage of this pump I like to suggest you to first clear your mind from all worries and find some private space where you can focus on your Bathmate routine.

Always keep in mind,

“Any training technique can cause serious negative side effects if you don’t perform it carefully or abuse it.”

Bathmate Coupon:

Although official website of Bathmate offers valuable discounts in holidays and festival seasons but currently (at the time of writing this) there is no coupon available. As soon as manufacturer launches any coupon I reveal it below.

However, there is current promotion in the official website that offers Bathmate Hercules version at $110 and Bathmate Goliath at $199. Bathmate X20 to X40 is available from the price range of $139 to $199.

Here I want to warn you to purchase Bathmate from its official website only because there are many retailers who are selling fake copy of hydro pump and they don’t have any money back guarantee. When you purchase Bathmate from its official website you will get full 60-days money back guarantee.

Final Verdict:

At the end of my Bathmate review I would like to say all the research I have done conclude that Bathmate is among the top product for penis enlargement. Even after nearly 10 years, Bathmate Hercules version is still very much famous and many people are using to increase their penis size and improve penis health.

However, there are many websites who are selling fake copies so it is important to purchase Bathmate Hydro Pump from official website only.

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