Different Ways to Increase Penis Size

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There are many (most?) men who are unhappy with their penis size and they are ready to do anything to increase the size of their penis. When we hear ‘Penis Enlargement’ we often start getting idea of spam emails, fake advertisement, sexy girls promoting different male enhancement product and much more. But, behind all these lies there is one truth and that is with the control efforts and determination you can increase your penis size.

In this post I am going to share different ways to increase penis size. It is important to understand different methods work for different people. Some get increase in penis size with penis enlargement exercise while some get results with extenders and pumps.

So let’s take a look on four different methods to increase penis size:

Topical Products (including pills, oils, lotions and cream):

It is true that our normal diet doesn’t contain essential herbs, vitamins, nutrients and minerals that improve blood flow into the penis. This is why manufacturers came up with the idea of creating male enhancement pills that contain proven herbs and natural substance for penis enlargement.

Although there are many brand of penis enlargement pills you will find in the market but most of these are useless and they are no more than just supplement pills. Besides that, University of Maryland in USA found the traces of leads, animal faeces and E-Coil Bacteria in some samples of penis enhancement pills.

Enlargement Devices:

Vacuum Pump:

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Air based vacuum pump are now replaced by water-based pumps as they are scientifically proven to be 300% more powerful and provide instant results. Yes, water-based pumps like Bathmate Hydro Pump provide results after using it for just 20 minutes. However, this instant gain is temporary but the long term use give permanent gain.

Penis pumps are initially created for men who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease (abnormally curve penis). But later researches, studies and customer testimonials proved that penis pumps contain additional benefit of increasing penis size both in length and width (benefit that we all want to have).

Side Effects: Many experts consider penis pump as the quick solution for increasing penis size because they feel that using penis pumps for long hours (more than 180 minutes a day) can stop blood from entering into penis.

Extenders, Patches, Weights etc:

The main objective of these devices is to stretch the penis and increase its size by creating more space for cells and tissues. This sounds perfectly ok in theory but this process takes very much long time. Men only gain 0.25 – 0.5 inch by using these devices for more than 7 hours a day for whole month. This is really not the best gain for the commitment it demands.

Additionally, long use of these devices can hurt your penis and they contain huge risk.

Penis Enlargement Exercises:

Penis exercisePeople are using penis exercises since many decades. The most common type of penis exercise is ‘Jelqing’ (or milking). The main objective of Jelqing or Milking penis exercise is to stretch penis on different directions to relax blood vessels and allow more blood into the penis.

Although some experts consider penis exercise as the best way to increase penis size but some men complain that penis exercises take very long to different results. According to research, a group of 26 men gained on average 1 – 1.5 inches in whole year by using penis exercises alone but other group that used penis exercise ALONG with penis pump gained 2 -3 inches in a year.

Although penis exercises is considered as the safest method for penis enlargement but still one has to do penis exercise very carefully to avoid any injury. I personally feel any exercise, pill, device can hurt you if you abuse it.


Penis Enlargement Surgeries are only recommended for men who are having micro-penis (abnormal condition where penis size is less than 3 inches in erect length). There are basically two types of surgeries. The first type is penis lengthening surgery that increases penis length and second is penis widening surgery that increases penis girth or width.

Both types of penis enhancement surgeries are risky and they cost somewhere near $10,000 – $20,000.

Penis Lengthening Surgery:

In this surgery the ligament is being detach from public bone that increase penis length in flaccid state by 1-2 cm. This minor gain happens only in flaccid state and creates no change in erect state. Additionally, weights have to be used after surgery for 6 months to keep ligament from attaching again.

These types of penis lengthening surgeries sometime curve penis and make sex difficult. Many men regret getting it done as it creates no change in erect state even after spending over $10,000

Penis Widening Surgery:

This type of surgery is even more risky than lengthening surgeries. This is because fats, tissues or silicone is inserted into the penis to increase girth or width. Although some men got thicker penis after widening surgeries but in later stages they found abnormal penis curve in erect state.

Additionally, penis widening surgeries is not recommended by doctors because body re-absorbs the fat and penis is very likely to get into its normal size.

Lose Belly Fat:

YEP!! Another way to make to penis LOOK bigger is to have small belly. Big belly makes penis look smaller doesn’t matter how big your penis is. If you are having big fat belly and want to increase penis size then I recommend you to first lose belly fat. This is because many men amaze to see their penis size by losing fat from their belly region.

My friend Alex gained three inches in penis size within a year (which is consider great) by using Bathmate Hercules along with penis exercise and he LOST 30 KG fat from his body including belly. In summary, Bathmate Hydro Pump and penis exercise not only make his penis bigger but by losing 30 kg his penis gain few centimeters as well.


By reviewing different methods for penis enhancement I can say that there are many different methods to increase penis size but it is important for you to select method that is safe and doesn’t cost you much.