The “SUPERMAN” Guide To Get Rock Solid Erection In 8 Weeks

Make Penis BiggerHello everyone,

If you remember in the last post I have shared some different ways to increase penis size but now in this post, I am going to reveal my personal guide that will help you to get rock solid erection. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 inches or 10 inches penis, this guide is specially designed for women who likes to get a strong erection.

I created this guide after doing a long research and then I shared my techniques with some guys in health forum where they all get great results. Many guys previously asked me about my technique so I came up with the idea of this guide which I called The “SUPERMAN” guide.

In this guide, you will find two different techniques that are designed to strengthen your muscle and you can use them after your penis exercise session or penis pump session. It is also important to keep on performing these techniques for at least 8 weeks to get results.

Ok, let’s talk about first technique…

The PC Muscle Contraction Technique:

PC Muscle ExercisesThis technique is very much same to PC Muscle exercise but with some twist and modification.

In this technique, you have to gain a full erection. You can take help from nudity images or videos. Try to first gain 100% erection and once you feel you can’t gain any more erection then bring your penis back to its flaccid state without ejaculation. In case if you feel urge to ejaculate you have to control it. Great way to lose your erection is to think about something else either good or bad.

Here are further steps about this technique

  • The initial step is to gain 100% erection and then bring your penis back to its flaccid state.
  • Now you have to do PC Muscle contraction. For those who don’t know about PC muscle, is the muscle that you use to stop the flow of urination. Use your hand to hold your PC muscle firmly and not tightly. This starts the flow of blood into the penis and within few seconds penile tissues will be full of blood.
  • When blood is in the penis then you will notice penis will start moving against your hand. You don’t have to do anything at this moment and leave your hand at its position. Don’t try to put pressure on your penis just hold it. This completes your one rep

It is necessary for beginners to do at least 5 PC Muscle contractions every day however for better results and in line with your comfort, you can definitely increase it as soon as you get use to this exercise. If you are feeling difficulty or pain then stop it and don’t progress forward. It is important for you to always work according to your comfort.

After using this technique for 4-5 weeks, you will start getting a stronger erection that will be helpful to satisfy your partner and you. Try to use this technique after exercise or pumping session to see great results.

Now it’s time to talk about second technique

The Hanging Technique:

Many men don’t want to talk about their ED problems but the fact is most of us feel difficult in gaining or maintaining an erection at some part of our life. Sometimes erection problems remain for few days and then it disappear but sometimes it remains for a longer period.

If you think one exercise is enough for treating ED problem then sorry you are wrong. You need multiple approaches to treating your ED problems and this is why I created the hanging technique. This hanging technique designed not only to strengthen your PC muscle but it also helps you to maintain your erection for a longer period. In short, this technique will solve your premature ejaculation and help you keep healthy prostate as well.

Here are some steps on how to perform this technique

This technique is a little bit different than previous PC muscle contraction technique because you are going to place some weight on your erect penis for better results. Here is step-by-step procedure on how to perform this technique

  • The initial step is to gain erection by gentle massaging technique and try to avoid ejaculating. Make sure you gain 100% erection before proceeding forward
  • Once you gained the required erection then place a small towel or a piece of your cloth that has light weight (for example boxer shorts or t-shirt) on your penis.
  • Now you have to contract your PC Muscle. This will make your penis rise against the weight of the towel or cloth which is the main idea behind this hanging technique
  • Keep on doing it as long as you are not hurting your penis or cause the muscle to strain. Don’t try to push yourself outside your comfort zone for male enhancement exercise. Injuries can delay your progress.

Initially don’t try to put something too heavy on your penis as it will become difficult for you to keep doing it for a longer period. As you keep practicing this technique your PC muscle will become adapted to this, then try to increase weight to further strengthen your PC muscles.

Trick To Maximize The Benefit Of These Techniques:

penis pumpI have shared my “SUPERMAN” guide with 256 men and around 80% men gained visible results within 8 weeks, however, remaining 20% men either achieve results after 8 weeks or they don’t get any results. Since everyone is different that is why I can’t say if these techniques will work for you or not. However, I can say confidently that there is no harm in testing these techniques.

After analyzing the results of different men who apply these two techniques, I came up with the statistics that helped me in finding out why some men gained results in 8 weeks and why some men take longer or don’t achieve results at all.

It is interesting to see men who gained results with this two techniques have done some penis pumping workout either before these techniques or after this technique. So I can say that if you want to double the results of these techniques so you can combine them with penis pumping session. On the homepage of this website, I have reviewed Bathmate Hydro Pump that you can use to get better results. I hope you will find my review helpful.

I hope you will find this “SUPERMAN” guide helpful in strengthening your erection and don’t forget to share your results with us as we are waiting to hear from you.